PSO Newsletter May 2013


Currently there are 95 modules on Photobiological Sciences Online (PSO). They cover all areas of photobiology: bioluminescence (9), environmental photobiology (6), non-visual photoreception (5), photochemistry (3), photomedicine (10), photomorphogenesis (4), photomovement (4), photophysics (3), photosensitization (4), photosynthesis (9), spectroscopy (2), UV radiation photobiology (8), and vision (8). There are also sections entitled Historical Vignettes (9), Experiments (8), Suggested Readings, History of PSO, Animations for Science, User Statistics, and a new one: Editor’s Blog, in which I discuss various topics that are in general discussion (e.g., Science) on how to improve science, e.g., eliminate honorary authorship, falsifications, etc.

Currently, we have 12 new modules in preparation, and 2 old ones in revision.

According to the user statistics from the web host, there are currently almost 20,000 unique visitors to PSO each month, and we add ~5,000 new readers every 14-15 months (see Figure).

I get e-mails from all over the world thanking me for PSO. The latest one was from Iran. Recently, we received a link to a translation of one of the modules into Estonian. Obviously, PSO is read all over the world.

By comparison, as of August 2012, there were 10,532 subscribers to Photochemistry and Photobiology (P&P), including 522 subscriptions for ASP. We don't know how many different people read the institutional copies of P&P each month.

Since PSO is an online publication, it is easy to update older modules (if I can get the authors to do it), and to add new modules (if I can get authors to do it).

I would like to hear from readers about what new modules are needed, and who might be the best authors. You can even volunteer yourself!

Do you use PSO in your classes or your research? Please let me know. Please e-mail your suggestions and comments to:

Kendric C. Smith
PSO Editor and Webmaster