PSO Newsletter December 2013


Kendric C. Smith, Editor and Webmaster

In 2013 we added eight (8) new or revised modules to Photobiological Sciences Online (PSO) (see list below).

A number of new modules are supposedly "In Preparation", unfortunately, many are over a year late so far.

In the middle of 2013 I realized that the software that our internet service provider was using for our user statistics was producing false data. Adding 5,000 unique viewers each year seemed a little excessive.

I switched to Google Analytics. The results for October and November indicate that over 13,000 hits were recorded, with over 11,000 hits being unique, i.e., repeated hits by the same person are not counted.

Photobiological Sciences Online is well used world wide (see list below). PSO is an important arm of the American Society for Photobiology, and needs to be well maintained after I am no longer able to do so.




DNA-Protein Crosslinks
Kendric C. Smith and Martin D. Shetlar
Revised: 11/24/13

Melanopsin: A Photopigment Regulating Circadian Photoentrainment May Lead to a Blue Light-Induced Treatment of Diabetes
Anamika Sengupta
New: 11/12/13

Photosensitization Timelines
New: 08/02/13

Chemistry of Firefly Bioluminescence
Bruce R. Branchini
Revised: 08/02/13

Photomorphogenic Responses of Plants to UV-B Radiation
Gareth I. Jenkins
New: 06/24/13

Molecular Targets Of Photosensitization:
Some Biological Chemistry of Singlet Oxygen (1O2)
Garry R. Buettner
Revised: 05/07/13

UV Resistance and Photoreactivation of Extremophiles from
High-Altitude Andean Lakes
Virginia H. Albarracín, Wolfgang Gärtner, and María E. Farías
New: 05/04/13

Human Photosensitive Diseases of DNA Repair
James E. Cleaver
Revised: 04/06/13


COUNTRY and Visits

(partial list)

TOTAL 9,539

1. United States 3,766
2. United Kingdom 663
3. India 597
4. Canada 506
5. Germany 316
6. South Korea 206
7. France 192
8. Italy 179
9. (not set) 158
10. Australia 130
11. Japan 127
12. China 124
13. Spain 111
14. Pakistan 108
15. Egypt 104
16. Taiwan 104
17. Brazil 103
18. Czech Republic 98
19. Netherlands 88
20. Indonesia 78