PSO Newsletter December 2014


Kendric C. Smith, Editor and Webmaster

A. 21 New or Revised Modules in 2014
B. User Statistics
C. Geographical Location of Users
D. Total Modules on PSO

A. 21 NEW or REVISED MODULES in 2014

Low Level Laser (Light) Therapy (LLLT) for Cosmetic Medicine and Dermatology
Mossum K. Sawhney and Michael R. Hamblin
New: 12/04/14

Bystander Effect Induced by UV Radiation
Maria Widel
New: 09/08/14

Oxygen Evolution
Charles Yocum
Revised: 08/21/14

Photosynthetic Reaction Centers
Charles Yocum
Revised: 08/14/14

Photoreactivity of Drugs in vitro and in vivo
Hanne Hjorth T√łnnesen and Steven W. Baertschi
Revised: 05/14/14

Determining the Mechanism for Photosensitized Oxidations
Jeffrey R. Kanofsky
Revised: 04/24/14

DNA-Protein Crosslinks
Kendric C. Smith and Martin D. Shetlar
Revised: 04/09/14

Basic Bioluminescence
John Lee
Revised: 03/24/14

Basic Photophysics
Antonie J.W.G. Visser and Olaf J. Rolinski
Revised: 03/24/14

Introduction to Photodynamic Therapy
David Kessel
Revised: 03/23/14

UV Radiation and Spontaneous Mutagenesis
Kendric C. Smith
Revised: 03/20/14

Experiments: UV Radiation Effects on Molecules and Cells
Kendric C. Smith
Revised: 03/20/14

Low-Level Laser or LED Therapy is Photobiology
Kendric C. Smith
Revised: 03/20/14

Basic Ultraviolet Radiation Photobiology
Kendric C. Smith
Revised: 03/19/14

DNA Double-Strand Breaks
Kendric C. Smith
Revised: 03/19/214

What is Photobiology?
Kendric C. Smith
Revised: 03/18/14

Photobiology in Art
Kendric C. Smith
Revised: 03/18/14

Basic Photochemistry
Kendric C. Smith
Revised: 03/18/14

Bioluminescence - History
John Lee
Revised: 02/28/14

Applications of Bioluminescence: Cell Based Assays and Imaging
Yoshihiro Ohmiya
New: 01/29/14

Recombinational DNA Repair
Kendric C. Smith
Revised: 01/01/14

B. PSO User Statistics

I have two applications for User Statistics, AWstats provided by the host, Newwork Solutions, and Google Analytics. Both give similar results. On October 14, some Internet nonsense occurred.

There was a notice that PSO is suffering from "Redundant Hostnames", i.e., the real URL is, but people also use, and apparently the last URL counts as two hits. I am still trying to get this fixed. Anyway, if you just use the August/September data, the total MONTHLY HITS are about 15,000.

C. Geographical Location of Users (Top 10)

TOTAL HITS: 15,324 per Month

USA 6,030
India 1,691
United Kingdom 1,033
Canada 671
Germany 464
France 262
South Korea 245
Spain 223
Malaysia 202
Egypt 196

D. Total Modules on PSO

Bioluminescence 11
Environmental Photobiology 6
Historical Vignettes 10
Introduction 2
Non-Visual Photoreception 4
Photochemistry 3
Photomedicine 12
Photomorphogenesis 5
Photomovement 4
Photophysics 3
Photosensitization 5
Photosynthesis 9
Spectroscopy 2
UV Radiation Photobiology 10
Vision 9

Experiments for Students 10
Animations for Science 1
Suggested Reading 21

How to Cite Modules 1
Information For Authors 1

Editor's Blog 8
PSO Newsletters 7
Meet a Photobiologist 1

Editorial Advisory Board 1

History of ASP 5
History of PSO 1

New/Revised Modules 1
Translations of PSO Modules 3
User Statistics 17
Reader-Country 1
Photobiology in the News 4